Industrial Doors

Operated by a hand chain or electrical motor, our industrial roller shutter doors are manufactured from interlocking galvanised steel laths, held securely in place by end locks.

High Speed Doors

"Our high-speed doors are the ideal solution for those who require quick access without the delay of waiting for doors to open and close. Designed for rapid operation, these doors facilitate energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and improve the flow of traffic, production, and logistics. They are built to be safe, dependable, low-maintenance, and easy to use."

Loading Bays

"Equipment for loading bays is essential for the proficient and secure transfer of merchandise. Dock levelers, shelters, loading houses, and various other docking aids enhance the ease and sustainability of the loading and unloading process."

Fire Safety

"Prioritize safety and mitigate fire risks with our fire-resistant doors. In the event of a fire, every second counts towards saving lives. Our selection of fire-resistant doors at RNM Doors is designed to endure intense heat, providing critical protection for extended periods."

Steel Doors

"Durable, robust, and designed for maximum security, our steel doors are suitable for a wide array of applications. Available in various dimensions and configurations, each door features sturdy hinges for swift and straightforward installation, ensuring top-notch security for any setting."